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Don’t Say Lazy

This is something I see every day on the way to work. Everybody queuing up to use the escalator while the stairs is all empty. Maybe we should have a musical stairs to encourage people to use the stairs more? … Continue reading

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Bet most of you know what a stick-man is. But how about stickgal?

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Office Scenery

Have a change of working environment recently and is now located at the Singapore CBD where all the tall buildings are.

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Other than guys dressing sloppy for dates. Another highlight of Singapore fashion is girls like to expose straps on their shoulder. Seeing girls in tank top with bra straps showing is very common over here. But this one I saw … Continue reading

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3 for $10

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Singapore Fashion

This is a rather common sight in Singapore. A couple goes out on a date. The girl dolls herself up, do her hair, wear a pretty dress and heels while the guy just come in t-shirt, shorts and bad shoes. … Continue reading

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First Day of Issue

What is First Day of Issue (首日封)?

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