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Metal Slug Super Vehicle

Model kit from China. A pain to build due to the cheap plastic material, joints that doesn’t fit well but overall not too shabby. Advertisements

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Row Row Fight Da Power

“Who the hell do you think I’m!?” It’s me Saber of course! ^o^ Master told me to update his blog as he is doing health maintenance right now. So anyway what I have with me today is a non-scale Gurren … Continue reading

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Panel lines and Topcoat

Status report of Gundam Kyrios. Hours was spent on drawing panel lines alone for one runner. The first picture (courtesy of is before panel lines are drawn and the second picture is mine after hours of hard work, plus … Continue reading

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Mecha Musume

Do you like Mecha Musume? I do since it’s a combination of two things I like, mecha and loli anime girls. The girl in my banner on top of the page is a mecha girl as well. (‘~’) The picture … Continue reading

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Home Modeling

This is an advertisement from HSBC Bank for it’s home loan plan. As you can see in the picture (click for bigger view), all the furnitures are attached inside a runner like what we normally see in a gunpla. Interesting … Continue reading

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Evangelion-01 Test Type

Ok I lied about saying the next post will be in 24 years. ^^ Anyway this is my 1/100 Evangelion-01 Test Type which I bought 3 weeks ago (at a bargain). This kit was released not long ago in late … Continue reading

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