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Why Sonico Cannot remove her headphones

Now you know why

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Anime Studios and Mangaka Celebrate the New Year 2017

Shaft Check out the various New Year Day related artworks from the anime and manga industry. 2017 is the year of the rooster according to the zodiac calendar that is why many of the arts revolves around that theme. Animation … Continue reading

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Iori Minase

Guilty as charged

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Girls Und Pantsu

What happens in the panzer stays in the panzer (source)

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Ore no Imouto Meme

A collection of the best Ore no Imouto Meme

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15 Years Old JUNNA Revealed as Lead Singer for Macross Delta

Remember last December when the preview episode of Macross Delta aired, it ends with this captivating and catchy song “Ikenai Borderline” that was stuck in your head for the whole day? Of course you do, that’s the best thing in … Continue reading

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One Punch Man x Madoka

That’s what QB said in episode 10 of Madoka Magica. Source

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