15 Years Old JUNNA Revealed as Lead Singer for Macross Delta


Remember last December when the preview episode of Macross Delta aired, it ends with this captivating and catchy song “Ikenai Borderline” that was stuck in your head for the whole day? Of course you do, that’s the best thing in that episode! Back then the only thing we know about the song is that it was sang by Mikumo Guynemer, one of the main characters and the lead vocalist if the idol group Walküre in the anime. Her speaking voice is provided by Ami Koshimizu so naturally I thought that particular song was sang by her too.

But here comes the plot twist, earlier this week it was revealed that singing voice of Mikumo Guynemer is provided by a 15 years old newcomer by the name of JUNNA. Needless to say yours truly was shocked that

1) Ami Koshimizu wasn’t the singing voice
2) JUNNA is only 15 years old.

Lets touch on these 2 points further below.

Firstly, come to think of it now, I don’t know why I didn’t saw that coming? After all, the last installment, Macross Frontier, the main character Sheryl Nome has a separate speaking and singing voice too. Maybe it’s because Ami Koshimizu did sing for animes before I guess. Then again she is more recognized for her voice work than her singing. And also for a series as popular as Macross, the record company most definitely see this as a perfect platform to introduce a new singer. May’n was only 18 when she sang for Macross Frontier. And speaking of age…

Junna was born on 2 November 2000 in Aichi Prefecture. She was 14 when she recorded “Ikenai Borderline”. She is very young yes but it’s not uncommon for teenagers her age to step into the entertainment scene. A lot of idols in Japan started out very young as well since the competition in this circle is so tough with new faces popping out every now and then, Not to mention it probably takes years to successfully groom a star so the younger you begin the longer shelf life you will have.

But, frankly speaking, does JUNNA looks like a 15 years old to you? No I am not doubting the authenticity of her age but she looks a wee bit mature for a 15 years old, at least in this official pic. Maybe it’s because she’s not smiling? There’s no other photos of her online to compare to so we just have to wait and see when she make her live appearance. Its also worth pointing out that it’s also nothing new for a celebrity to falsify their age. After all, a headline like “15 Years Old Sings for Macross” sounds more impact right? Anyway as with everything in life, take it with a pinch of salt.

Ok seriously now, the point is, I enjoyed “Ikenai Borderline” very much and I look forward to the anime in Spring and more of JUNNA’s songs.



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