Movie Studio Confirms Donnie Yen’s Real Role in Star Wars Movie


Unless you just got released from prison like a certain Famous Amos, you probably already know the talk of the town the past few days was Hong Kong action movie star Donnie Yen’s speculated role in the next installment of the Star Wars franchise after The Force Awakens which is showing in Dec 2015.

May I remind that at this point in time, no official announcement has been released yet and said rumour originated from a tabloid magazine in Hong Kong well known for highly sensational news. The magazine did not cite the source of their information as well.

As a responsible and credible blogger I decided to put all the wild guessing to rest, and what better way to do it than to hook up with the movie studio directly and get them to verify Donnie Yen’s potential involvement in the Star Wars movies.

I was unfortunate enough to be able to sit down with Imperialfilm CEO, Mr Sheev Palpatine to ask him the authenticity of recent headlines circulating on the internet. I said to Mr Palpatine how a little birdie told me about Donnie Yen’s Jedi role in his company’s movies and is this true? Mr Palpatine has this to say, “I do not know how this piece of news got leaked, I mean started, but you mentioned a birdie told you that? If so, I assure you that’s quite impossible as all employees are not allowed to bring their pets or any animals to work, let alone a talking bird. So perhaps the more pressing issue here is can a bird really talk?”

I can tell Mr Palpatine is a pro and is already starting to change the topic to talking bird so I have to bring the topic back on track. I replied, “Sir, you are most right, most regular birds can’t talk that’s for certain, but some parrots are known to be able to mimic the spoken language of man, and some people perceive that as talking.”

Mr Palpatine then said, “So you are saying a parrot came to our premises, got past security, or perhaps it changed for a visitor pass so that’s why it was able to get pass security? That’s possible so I can let that pass. But even so, how does a bird know how to take the lift and which floor to go to eavesdrop on the information?”

This man is a tough cookie, I have to throw in all I have so I said, “This bird is no ordinary bird Sir, it’s name is Lazerbeak and it is an expert in espionage and information gathering.”


Mr Palpatine was shocked, “Goodness gracious! Who does this Lazerbeak belongs to? Who do I sue?”

I said, “Lazerbeak belongs to Soundwave, a right-hand man who works for Megatron, the ruthless leader of the Decepticons. All of which are intellectual properties of a company who happens to be a major licencee of your parent company.”

Mr Palpatine then said, “That’s gonna be a headache for the legal department…”

Seeing how things are getting way off topic, I quickly said, “Sir are the rumours true? Is Donnie Yen going to play a Jedi?”

Mr Palpatine spoke firmly, “It is not true at all, he is not playing a Jedi, but he will be involved in the movies, as we know movies these days need an Chinese face to shake up the China market.”

I questioned further, “So what role will he play?”

Mr Palpatine smiled, “I like you son, so here’s the exclusive, he will be playing a mouse droid.”



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