100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo At Johor Bahru City Square


If you are a Doraemon fan, or grew up reading the manga or watching the anime which I am sure most of us did, then you must definitely visit the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo at Johor Bahru City Square that is currently happening till January 2015.

So I guess the question on everyone”s mind is how do I get there? It’s very simple actually. Read on!


First thing first, you will need your passport. It’s a no-brainer but there are people who only realize they forgotten to bring it when they are at the customs. So don’t be one of them! And make sure your passport is not expired as well. It must has at least six months’ validity on the day you plan to leave Singapore.


Ok now with that out of the way, we can get onto how to get there. Johor Bahru City Square is located a stone throw away from the Woodlands causeway. The fastest way to get them is by public transport. Alight at Kranji MRT Station. The bus stop right outside the MRT Station is where you can take a bus that takes you directly to the checkpoint. You can either take SBS bus 170 or any of the yellow CW buses. I will recommend bus 170 as you can use your exlink card. CW bus will require that you RM1 in cash. Both buses are fine, depending on your preference. The ride is about 10-15mins.


Once you reach the checkpoint, sorry no photos as do not want to be caught as a suspicious person taking photos in a key installation, follow the signs to where you need to go to get your clearance done. It’s on the second floor, the escalator going up is near where you alight from the bus. Or just follow the crowd since everyone is going to the same place anyway.

For Singaporeans, use the automated clearance stations on the left once you entered the hall, it’s faster and saves you a lot of time.

Once done, head downstairs to take the bus. If you come by bus 170 then I recommend you take the same bus to resume the travel. No additional cost will be deducted from your exlink card.

The boarding area might be crowded depending on which day and time you travel, esp on weekend, so be careful.


Once you reached Malaysia and gotten your passport stamped (do make sure it’s really stamped!), you do not need to take any more buses as the City Square mall is just within walking distance. Just follow the crowd!

An easy way is just look out for Starbucks .

Then go down this hallway.

Then you are almost there. The mall is just across the bridge.

Whole journey from Singapore to JB probably will take you 45mins to an hour, depending on traffic.

Just follow the crowd

And you are here

The expo is on the first floor. The ticketing counter is not located at the entrance but some where close by so if you can’t find it,  the staff there, dressed in blue vest, will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Tickets are priced at adult RM25 and children RM15. That’s about S$10 and S$6 respectively.

This is the back of the ticketing booth so don’t miss it.

The first thing you see when you enter, the door that leads to Shizuka’s bathroom.


Seriously I didn’t Doraemon was originally yellow. The manga is always black and white.

Time traveling in style

This is one concert you do not want to attend

Good end

Mom and Dad


I swear the tables are not authentic Japanese ones cos thats the exactly same ones I used when I was in school.

The Doraemon cafe is at the 5th floor near the escalator.

I bought Set A, which is not bad.

Unfortunately they don’t give you an extra paper plate to take home. The pancake also differ in size from what is advertised.

This is definitely my favourite. Dorayaki!

It’s ice-cream inside so it might be a bit frozen hard when they take it out of the freezer so might be a good idea to let it cool down a little before consumption. If you are planning to take it home, the sealed package will ensure it won’t melt to water that fast. I tested it myself, I took mine home which was a 2-3hrs later. Just remember to put in the fridge when you reach home.

Another of my favourite, the memory bread!


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