Chiwa Saito Gets Married


Voice actress Chiwa Saito, who plays Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari, Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica), announced on her agency website that she had gotten married. Below is what she wrote




2013年7月29日 斎藤千和


I, Chiwa Saito, was blessed with a wonderful fate, and have entered my name into the family register. My partner is a man who works at a regular company, and he is a sincere man who so gentle and kind that I feel that he is almost too good for me. I want to walk along the path of life with him and create a happy family where the smiles never end.

I will continue work with no change whatsoever. I hope to have an even more serious attitude towards the works I participate in, and put my body and soul into acting so all of you will come to love the characters I play. I am still a novice, so I am worried, and I think I will cause a lot of trouble, but I would be very happy if you all would continue to cheer me on as you have up until now.

I give my thanks to all of the people I have been in the care of until now…

I will continue to be in your hands. Thank you.

Source : Anime News Network


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