Pacific Rim Singapore

Pacific Rim EZ-Link cards now on sale from 18 July to 7 Aug at selected transitlink offices around Singapore.

For the uninitialized, the EZ-Link card is a contactless smart card used for the payment of bus and train fares in Singapore. Other than paying for public transportation fares, there’s no other use for it, unlike in other countries where you can use it to pay road tolls, retail purchases or buy drinks at vending machines.

An EX-Link card cost S$12, which includes a non-refundable S$5 with a minimum top-up value of S$7. Not only that, the card must always have at least S$3 balance inside for use on the trains, essentially making the cost of a card to be $8. That is why, due to it’s limited usage and high card price, seldom do we see commercial companies working with EZ-Link to print custom cards as advertisement. Thus most people here uses the boring default standard design.

But having said that, despite all the negatives, it is still cool to see official custom card designs. Just for collection sake, more so if it’s from an awesome movie you just watched. Even if it cost an arm and leg. ^^;


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4 Responses to Pacific Rim Singapore

  1. yunamon says:

    Now ask them to print fan created ones from the official site XDc

  2. CK says:

    whatever happen to the old thin transitlink card? They used to have cool designs i rem.

  3. Belicia says:

    Hey Gordon!!

    Would you be willing to sell your Gipsy Danger card? Pretty please >< you can email me at


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