National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every year, the month of October is dedicated to the Breast Cancer Awareness.

According to National Cancer Centre Singapore, Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Singaporean women. 1 in 17 women develops breast cancer in her lifetime. But early detection through regular checks can save your breasts and your life.

There are 2 types of checks, self check and going for mammography (x-rays to detect tumours in breasts). However, mammograms are less accurate for younger women (below 50 years old) as their breast tissues are denser.

For young women, self checks are important and can be done as demonstrated below.

So for those of you who are free of Breast Cancer, what else can you do?

Well, if you are in Singapore, perhaps you can buy a pink ribbon pin, available island-wide at various outlets including corporations, schools, supermarkets, retail outlets, restaurants, pharmacies and healthcare organisations, among others. These pins are available for a minimum donation of S$2.00 (plain design) or S$5.00 (crystal solitaire).


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