K-ON Mio Akiyama Oppai Mousepad

Few days back I started using a new oppai mousepad due to the current one been unfit for duty anymore.

The Mio one above is bought in Hong Kong, not sure if it is officially licensed since the price is dead cheap, so most probably not.

The one below is the one that was been replaced. That one was bought from J-List in 2009 so that means I have been using it for 3 years already. Not too shabby I would say.

Apart from the dirt, not sure if you can see but the side of the boobs with the most dirt is actually punctured. The sticky gel thingy inside is already flowing out at the sides so have no choice but to decommission it.

Below is how the mousepad looks like in 2009.

Before 2009, I was using this Tamaki mousepad below since 2008. It came with free with the Dengeki G’s Festival Deluxe magazine.


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