Neneko Cosplay Singapore

Neneko is in Singapore. Who is Neneko?

Neneko is a cosplayer from Taiwan. Her favourite character is Yui from K-ON! And she is in town yesterday for the Cosmo Youth Parade 2012.

You can check out her work on her Facebook page.

Neneko is very professional in posing. She do new poses every time the shutter goes off.

What is she doing now?

I got her to doodle for me on a shikishi board. It looks absolutely beautiful. I love it very very much. =D


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5 Responses to Neneko Cosplay Singapore

  1. I never met her and I know it’s crazy.
    But, can you pass her my number and…
    ask her to CALL ME MAYBE?

  2. Rin says:

    Very nice Gordon that you got her to sketch something for you! The Yui on the shikishi board is just so cute!
    Her cosplay of Yui is just awesome!!!

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  4. amos says:


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