Dollfie Dream Lucy Maria Misora

DD Lucy Maria Misora arrives. Ruu~

2. She belongs to a friend and over here, we usually have an opening ceremony to celebrate the arrival of a brand new DD. Ruu~

3. Airi lends a hand, and scythe… Ruu~

4. Have been a long time since I last saw this kind of yellow box. Ruu~

5. Just checking nothing is missing. Btw the school uniform is sold separately and not included with DD Lucy. Ruu~

6. Lucy awakes. She have fairly tight joints, soft head cap and very fair skinned. Ruu~

7. Airi puts on Lucy’s hair. The little 2 flower hair clips are loose no matter how well you attach them and bound to drop somewhere and when it does, will be extremely hard to find. recommend to either not wear it and keep them somewhere or glue them to the wig. Ruu~

8. Laying out the clothes. Lucy comes with silky pantsu like Sasara’s. I prefer normal ones but that’s just me. the dark socks are weird looking as it doesn’t have the shape of a sock at all. But no biggie, it fits well when worn. Ruu~

9. And now she’s all dressed up and meets her god sister. She makes Sasara looks so tanned. Ruu~

10. Ruu~


About sergeant gordon

TD8316, proud member of the 501st Legion 銀河帝国五〇一軍团。 Loves anime, Sasara, photography and looking for droids, pretty ones.
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2 Responses to Dollfie Dream Lucy Maria Misora

  1. Q says:

    I heard from a lot of people that there is a crack in Lucy’s head. Does your friend’s have this problem too?

    And having Sasara next to her, Lucy’s pale skin does indeed make everyone else’s “normal skin” like they got a mild suntan instead 😮

  2. tr3no86 says:

    So many pretty daughters! I wanna get a dollfie too, but i dont really know where to get them from. The Volks int site is all out of stock.. Where do u get ur daughters from?

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