Cybertron Con Vintage G1 Toys

Cybertron Con Singapore 2012 is still ongoing till 14 March. And after been through Day 1 of the convention, one of my favourite areas is the gallery showcasing vintage toys especially from the Generation 1 (G1) era I grew up from.

It’s a small world, I was pleasantly surprised to find out all these G1 toys on display actually belongs to a friend of mine. I saw him standing there & said to him, “Hey this person who contributed these G1 toys actually have the same name as you”. Turns out it’s him. ^^;

I never knew he have such a nice collection of old school transformers. And relatively well preserved as well. @@!

Some of them you can even see the price tags of the department stores still on them. Most of these stores are no longer in Singapore anymore so it really brings back some memories.

When I was kid, I didn’t get much Transformer toys as they are not cheap back in the days. And over the years, their value rose up dramatically due to their high collectable nature.

Below are the predecessor of Transformers, known as Daiclone and Micro Change range from then-Takara in Japan.

This is from the Diaclone series.

Diaclone Dinobot Sludge.

Another Diaclone

Micro Change family.

More Micro Change.

Stay tuned for more coverage.


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2 Responses to Cybertron Con Vintage G1 Toys

  1. Q says:

    Too bad I missed out a lot of Transformers stuff when I was little. Really kind of your friend to display his collection for this exhibition!

  2. Furry says:

    I still have a few G1 transformers namely from Powermaster/Headmaster series. Sadly I do not have the boxes anymore.

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