Homura Birthday and Neko Day

Today 22 Feb is Homura’s birthday so here’s a picture of Homura in her birthday suit. *me gusta* =D

(Nevermind the fact that the words say, “Happy birthday Madoka”)

Coincidentally (or not) today is also Cat Day 猫の日 in Japan cos 2月22日, the 2 (ni) sounds like nyan. So 222 ni ni ni sounds like nyan nyan nyan, the sound a (Japanese) cat makes.

OK truthfully speaking, ni doesn’t sound like nyan at all but that’s the common explanation most people gives when you google it.

Actually nyan written in katakana is ニャン whereby ニ looks like the kanji for 2 so this explanation makes more sense ya?

Since today is Homura’s birthday and also Neko day, so here’s a picture of Homura wearing nekomimi. =D

Madoka finds an abandoned kitten and takes her home. On the box it says, “To the person who picks me up, you are too kind for your own good.”

(photo by zh3us)
And lastly, Kipi cosplay as Homura and wearing a nekomimi. And best of all, I was the one who gave her that nekomimi and ask if she can wear it for me. She obliged. So much win. ^^


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3 Responses to Homura Birthday and Neko Day

  1. yunamon says:

    So much win indeed, nyan~!

  2. GhostGamer02 says:

    and the ears are from who???

  3. Okazaki-san says:

    Nice shoot,lol.

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