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Kana Hanazawa

Today is 25th February so Happy Birthday to Kana Hanazawa 花澤香菜! Tuturu~ =D Advertisements

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Cosfest X.2 Cosplay

25 (Sat) and 26 (Sun) February 2012. Pasir Ris Downtown East.

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Homura Birthday and Neko Day

Today 22 Feb is Homura’s birthday so here’s a picture of Homura in her birthday suit. *me gusta* =D (Nevermind the fact that the words say, “Happy birthday Madoka”)

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Japan Conveyor Sushi Candid Camera

Check this out. A gaijin placed her video cam on the sushi conveyor belt and capturing surprised customers as it goes around. Pretty cool. ^^;

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Japanese Water Bottle to Keep Off Cats

If you are in Japan and walk around the resident area, you will no doubt see a lot of large PET bottles lined along the pavement. These are mostly put up by older folks who believe doing so will keep … Continue reading

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Lonesome George

Today is Valentine’s Day so lets talk about Lonesome George.

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Sasara Kusugawa Nendoroid

Nothing in the words of man can describe how I am feeling now. Sasara is seen here in nendoroid form wearing her armour in the 2D arcade fighting game Aquapazza by Aquaplus and Leaf and feature characters from various Aquaplus … Continue reading

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