Comiket 81 Winter

Exactly 1 month ago today, I went to this huge event attended by hundreds of thousands of zerlings people annually called Comiket.

02. Comiket 81 Winter was held from 29 Dec to 31 Dec 2011 at the Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, Tokyo. Despite statistics showing total attendance for this year is declining compared to previous years, there is still a lot of people! The number of Japanese attending are probably the same. I reckon it’s the foreigners that are fewer this year. No thanks to the high yen exchange rate and fear of earthquake or giant radioactive human eating goldfishes from the  nuclear disaster earlier last year.

Anyway enough with that. Lets move on to the interesting part. The queue! The first picture is upon arrival at 8am-ish. Far far away from the venue. The 2nd picture is taken at 10am when the doors are opened and the queue starts moving. Usually at this time, it’s customary for everyone to clap their hands.

03. At around 10.30am, one can finally see the famous “Grand Staircase”. Despite the massive crowd, everyone more or less moves in an orderly manner.

04. I am pretty sure this is a UFO landing pad. Afterall, where else better for aliens to learn about the human civilization than at Comiket? Especially important information they will be curious to know, like how Humans reproduce themselves.

05. 11am-ish. Almost there! Usually for Day 1, most people will go to the enterprise halls on the 4th floor of West halls to grab the exclusive limited official licensed anime goods. This is the outside staircases leading to the upper west halls where the enterprise booths are. Why take the staircases in the cold and not the escalators inside? For the uninitialized, due to an unfortunate incident involving an abruptly stopped escalator at the same venue in 2008 for Wonder Festival Summer, where 50 people toppled over and around 10 injured, but nobody wants to take responsibility, thus the west halls escalators are closed ever since. What a bummer. *kicks stone*

06. Once inside the halls, it’s a war zone. Unlike the orderly queues waiting to get in earlier, here people tend to push at you. Maybe everyone just want to move fast to get to the next store before the stuffs got sold out. And yes people inside the halls are usually those who have gotten what they wanted and moving on to the next target.

16. Outside is where all the queues are. Unlike inside the halls, here is more orderly. Perhaps because there are representatives from the booths here to manage their own queues. Here, be prepared to wait for at least an hour before you get to buy whatever you want. Especially if the items you are after are popular.









15. This is one of the popular booths. Type-Moon.

17. And this is how it looks like on day 3 when everything is sold out.




21. This is taken on Day 2. A separate waiting area different from day 1, for people going into the East halls where the doujin halls are. Now it’s empty…

22. Soon it gets filled up with lots of people.

23. This waiting area is by the sea so you can imagine the chilly sea breeze in winter. Same thing, 2 hours wait.

24. Here is inside the East halls. Well known doujin circles will have booths at the outskirt of the halls so people can form the queues outside.

25. Despite long queues, popular doujin circles will usually have their Comiket releases sold at Toranoana in Akihabara the day after the event so that market demands are met. But many people still prefer to get it at Comiket as prices will be cheaper or it comes bundled with other stuffs.


28. One of the reasons of coming to Comiket this year is to support our local doujin group CDS who was their first time at Comiket. Am very happy and proud for them. They were selling their Haganai artbook the same one sold at AFA11.

29. To make it even memorable, I got the boss Xeph, who was there, to autograph the book for me. I love autographed items, especially when I get it face to face in person at special events. So thank you very much Xeph! But as much as I love you signing for me, my favourite is still this one. =D


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3 Responses to Comiket 81 Winter

  1. Jay Agan says:

    “I reckon it’s the foreigners that are fewer this year. No thanks to the high yen exchange rate and fear of earthquake or giant radioactive human eating goldfishes from the nuclear disaster earlier last year.”

    Sound like a new kaiju flick to me. YES! “The Attack of the Killer Karp!”

    “Especially important information they (extraterrestrials) will be curious to know, like how Humans reproduce themselves.”

    Yes. Hentai is very informative & educational (Not!).

  2. koutasensei says:

    That’s one thing I like about Comiket,despite the large turnout, the crowds were still generally organised, judging from the fact that you were able to take photos without much interruption from the bustling crowds.

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