AFA History

A quick look back at past Anime Festival Asia (AFA).

In 2008, the first ever AFA was staged at Suntec City Convention Halls, the same venue till today and hopefully for the future as well. Back then, the convention hall was much smaller, lesser booths and lesser showcase. Some booths wasn’t even anime related as well.

The stage was within the same convention hall together with the booths and was very small as well. The concert guests were Mizuki Ichirou and May’n. Mizuki Ichirou even commented he wish the stage can be bigger. He got his wish as the following years on, AFA just keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

To date, 2011 is the 4th AFA in Singapore. Next year we will see the AFA brand travel to neighbouring countries in South East Asia.

The above are the ticket counterfoil from 2008 and 2011. It’s my valuable collection, like a piece of memento that shows that I have been to the event.

The above are the rest in my collection, including Media passes from 2009 to 2011 and event guide. I don’t have the 2008 and 2009 event brochure. I am not sure if I threw them away or there are none in the first place. ^^;


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11 Responses to AFA History

  1. k91 says:

    sadly i throw away mine

  2. Q says:

    I didn’t know that AFA is actually that young. It’s nice to hear that the event is getting bigger and bigger along with the popularity by the year. I always hear a lot of hype about it, but still haven’t got the chance to. Hopefully I’ll get to do so in the near future!

  3. Furry says:

    At AFA11 we had those wrist band tickets. How come your ticket is different? Wait, i read it thoroughly…..counterfoil. Wow AFA09 ticket is $25 at that time. I kept my AFA11 items in an envelope tilied “AFA11 Singapore Trip” ^^;

  4. John says:

    gotta love the media tag, may I know how to become one for the AFA?

    I got invited by the pr company for stgcc, but not from afa’s…

  5. silkhat says:

    AFA08 and AFA09 brochures existed :>
    thanks to this post, I decided to hunt down my AFA tickets and brochures too!

  6. Alodia was there. ^^;

  7. Furry Nekomimi says:

    Keep me update on AFA 2012. I would love to attend the event again 🙂

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