Cheerful Nendoroid Saber & Rin Tohsaka Good Smile Company

Today looks to be a lucky day as probably due to scheduled post problem at Mikatan’s blog, we get to have a sneak peek at the next Cheerful Japan nendoroid. The post at Miktan’s blog have been taken down btw but not before the Internet saved a copy. Enjoy. ^^;

Different from the previous Steins;Gate Mayuri + Makise Cheerleader set, this cheerleader Saber + Rin set features new head sculpts and uniform. And this is the also the first time we get a “real” Rin Tohsaka nendoroid! @@!

Saber’s hair in braids. @@!

I don’t know but the 2 of them in the skimpy cheerleader uniform makes them looks like they have a belly. Or maybe they just need better chest.

Another thing to note is that this is also 2 of very few nendoroids wearing shorts as well.

I believe there are more pictures than just these few leaked out early. Check out Mikatan’s blog later today for the official announcement.


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TD8316, proud member of the 501st Legion 銀河帝国五〇一軍团。 Loves anime, Sasara, photography and looking for droids, pretty ones.
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7 Responses to Cheerful Nendoroid Saber & Rin Tohsaka Good Smile Company

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  2. Q says:

    Haha I remember a picture of figma poster showing Miku Append being the 100th figma was taken down too.

    Didn’t realise there was no “real” nendoroid Rin until now. The one that existed was the one with a =.= face and a cigarette right? ・_・?

  3. Furry says:

    They need better chests ^^v

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