Dr Pepper Steins Gate

Makes me feel like watching Steins;Gate and Thor again. At the same time, while drinking Dr Pepper. @@

Product placement in anime. More to come. For sure.


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3 Responses to Dr Pepper Steins Gate

  1. Jay Agan says:

    I’m a Pepper
    You’re a Pepper
    He’s a Pepper
    She’s a Pepper
    Wouldn’t ya like ta be a Pepper too?
    Be a Pepper
    Drink Dr. Pepper …..

    Old Dr. P jingle from the 70s, 80s.

    By the way, things go better with Coke! Burp!

  2. clazy says:

    my favorite’s gotta be pizza hut in code geass. random logos everywhere made it seem like a mini where’s waldo

  3. Shizuo says:

    Dr. Pepper

    Tutt turuuu~~

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