Japanese Comic Books

Today’s manga loot.

Highschool of the Dead vol.7. I guess Japan is the only country that spell High School as Highschool.

Madoka Magica vol.2. Love this Sayaka insert art.


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7 Responses to Japanese Comic Books

  1. Q says:

    They’re in Traditional Chinese 😮 Are they published locally or from places like Taiwan?

  2. Okazaki-san says:

    Oh Kyubey,you never let up do you?Is that Kyouko attacking him at the bottom-left corner?

  3. VaderShana says:

    Hey u got a good blog here !!! 😀

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  5. vanessa says:

    Hello! Where do you go to order manga from Taiwan? I have many titles that I would love to lay my hands on! Thank you!!

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