AFA 2011 Anime Festival Asia

Today. 26 September 2011. Anime Festival Asia 2011 press conference. A picture speak a thousand words so here’s pictures of today’s press conference.

Check out AFA2011 official website for everything you need to know

Anime Festival Asia 2011 is happening at the Singapore Suntec Convention & Exhibition Halls 402-403 from 11 – 13 Nov 2011.

1 day pass to festival area only (No stage access) – $8
1 day pass with access to both festival and stage – $18

There is no 2 days pass option. Tickets for each day are sold separately.


Full lineup for I ♥ anisong revealed.

11.11 (金) – Hatsune Miku 3D concert
12.11 (土) – FLOW, Ichirou Mizuki, LiSA, SEA*A
13.11 (日) – Kalafina, Kanako Itou + Shikura Chiyomaru, May’n & Milky Holmes

3 Days concert VIP ticket @ $366
1 Day concert VIP ticket @ $148
Both ticket class includes stage and festival access for 1 or 3 days purchased.

3 Days standing ticket @ $126
1 Day standing
ticket @ $48

Tickets will be on sale at SISTIC on the following dates:

1st October 2011 (土)
3 Days Concert VIP early bird package ($348)

8th October 2011 (土)
3 Days Concert VIP package ($366)
1 Day Concert VIP ticket ($148)
3 Days Standing package ($126)
1 Day Standing ticket ($48)

More info on tickering here.

Who is Kalafina?

Who is Kanako Itou?

Who is FLOW?

Who is Hatsune Miku? Oh c’mon! Like you don’t know? ^^;


Saitou Chiwa, the voice of Homura and Senjougahara will be here as well! @.@!

Danny will be back again to practise his Singlish.

LiSA makes an appearance at the press conference and yes she is real cute and nice so do catch her perform live this coming November 12. =D


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3 Responses to AFA 2011 Anime Festival Asia

  1. sodetsuki says:

    as much as my finances are saying no no don’t go for the 3 day VIP concert pass my heart is shouting hell yeah! dang~

  2. zer0ne says:

    I don’t mind the 3 days event. S$105 per concert is a bargain for artists from Japan a side for SEA*A. Good news that Sistic is the ticketing vendor and not GateCrash which did poorly last AFA. I hope I can get a good seat if they are numbered. See you there.


  3. Okazaki-san says:

    Definitely looking forward to this year.

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