Dollfie Dream Saber Fate/EXTRA

For those with relevant interest in Dollfie Dream or Saber or both or simply planning to start, it’s probably a good time to stock up on those cup noodles as heavy damage is coming your way very soon.

Volks Website ->

DD Saber Fate/EXTRA character page
DD Saber Alter 2.0 character page

DD セイバー Saber Fate/EXTRA
69,000yen (72,450yen with tax)
Saber Original Head
DD III Normal Skin, L bust
New Face up
Comes with Aestus Estus: The Original Fire (原初の火)
Sofa not included

DD セイバーオルタ Saber Alter 2nd Ver.
62,000yen (65,100yen with tax)
Saber Alter Original Head
DD III, White Skin M bust

セイバーオルタのジャージセット Saber Alter Training Jacket Set
8,800yen (9,240yen with tax)

セイバーオルタの水着セット Saber Alter Swimsuit
2,800yen (2,940 with tax)

Pre-order for both DDs starts 23 Sep till 30 Oct 2011.
Japan Preorder site
US preorder site
Nov to Dec 2011 is production.
Jan to Feb 2012 is delivery.
Mar 2012 is wait for postman to arrive.

Despite the high selling price, it’s still much cheaper than buying the earlier release of both off Yahoo auction, especially with the high commission fee for extremely high valued items one have to pay a proxy/deputy to get them for you.

Having said that, a quick look at the current yen/sing dollar exchange rates show a record high of 1000yen to S$17.10. God bless you, would be interested buyers.

For more up to date news, check out Wolfheinrich’s blog for more timely updates.


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24 Responses to Dollfie Dream Saber Fate/EXTRA

  1. Sasara-chan says:

    Niinii is get? ._.

  2. saluli says:

    omg. they are beautiful!

    My wallet will suffer

  3. It is perhaps a good idea to mention the Nero chan will have a different faceup but Alter II will retain her original image.

    Going to put a link up to this post ~

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  5. hi gordon, i interesting in getting 1 of them, any idea the estimated shipping fee will be like to sg?

  6. Anime says:

    Too many Sabres! How much does each one cost in dollars?

  7. coffeebugg says:

    Hmmm…. gotta brace myself for the upheaval… =____=

  8. misakichii says:

    Saber, why are there jellyfishes on your shoulder?

  9. Okazaki-san says:

    Whew,good thing I locked my cash somewhere tight,gotta save up for that event.

  10. SaberFan says:

    Hey all,

    from the exchange rate it seems that it is cheaper to order from Volks USA.
    Any idea what will be the shipping cost from Volks USA to singapore using services like borderlinx?

    Thanks in advance.

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