Tokyo Ear Cleaning

Because having your ears cleaned by a pretty girl is a bliss.

This picture was taken last December during my Japan trip, the Akihabara branch of Yamamoto Mimikaki-ten, the country’s largest ear-care parlor which boasts nine chains around Tokyo.

A basic session lasts 30 minutes and costs ¥2700. A kimono-clad young woman will chit chat with you and serve you tea. You then rest your head on her lap and she will gently and lovingly scrapes excess wax out of your ears. It’s so comfortable most fall asleep during the process. ^^;

Equally blissful if you have your wife or girlfriend do it for you too. ^^;


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3 Responses to Tokyo Ear Cleaning

  1. Jay Agan says:

    No thanks! Don’t care how pretty she is. Sounds like a great way to get a busted ear drum! One wrong move on her part & ouch!

    I do it myself at home.

  2. Seinime says:

    That’s an expensive rate you got there…

  3. says:

    I do this myself =\\\=
    有年休假的時候居然忘了没辦護照~ 蠢了,今年可能去不成日本

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