Suara Singapore Concert

Who is Suara?

From wikipedia

Suara is a female Japanese singer born on August 3, 1979 who is from Osaka, Japan. She works under the label of FIX Records, distributed by King Records. Her two singles “Musōka” and “Hikari no Kisetsu” were both used as opening themes for the anime Utawarerumono and Asatte no Hōkō respectively. Additionally, her song “”Kimi ga Tame” was featured in episode twenty-six of Utawarerumono. Her song “Tomoshibi” was used as the ending theme of the anime To Heart 2 OVA. Her name “Suara” is derived from the Indonesian word for “voice”.

Additionally, her other anime songs also include but not limited to,

Ichiban Boshi – OP for To Heart 2 OVA
Wasurenaide? – 2nd ED for KimiKiss
Free and Dream – OP for Tears to Tiara
Maiochiru Yuki – ED for White Album
Akai Ito – ED for White Album
adamant faith – OP for Utawarerumono OVA

She held her first solo concert in Singapore on 27 Aug 2011 as one of the events in A.C.M.E III. The concert was awesome, her live was good. I enjoyed it very much. Especially when she sang Tomoshibi from To Heart 2. It’s a nice song.

I even got her autograph and a picture taken with her and she even hold onto Sasara. =D

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  1. DarkSlayer says:

    Wow! I’m really shocked when I heard that Suara ever held concert in Singapore T__T. Can you tell me the songlist that she sung in the concert?

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