Kishida Mel STGCC 2011

One of the rewarding thing for me about STGCC 2011 is to be able to meet Japanese illustrator Kishida Mel.

I came across his work from the anime Hanasaku Iroha, which is currently airing in Japan, in which he did the character design, like Minko, Nako and my favourite Ohana! I especially like the way he drew Ohana. I think Ohana with her trademark short curly hair is really cute. Seldom you see anime girls in this kind of hair style. Long straight hair is usually the norm so it’s refreshing to see something different.

I got his autograph. Initially I was hoping he will be able to doodle something on the shikishi but turns out he didn’t. I guess it’s alright cos thinking about it, if he were to really doodle something, he would have to do the same for the rest in the queue as well to be fair to all, and that could exceed the short 1 hour signing session he has. So I will learn to be content with what I have. It’s better than nothing. ^^;

Inspired by his lovely work, I tried my hand in drawing and the above is the humble result. I showed it to Kishida-sensei and am glad he was able to recognise her as Ohana-chan. Or probably he just read the texts under it. ^^;


About sergeant gordon

TD8316, proud member of the 501st Legion 銀河帝国五〇一軍团。 Loves anime, Sasara, photography and looking for droids, pretty ones.
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2 Responses to Kishida Mel STGCC 2011

  1. tetracross says:

    Hi Gordon,

    Where do you usually get / buy the autograph board?


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