STGCC 2011 Kipi Homura Cosplay

Thousands of shutter counts were clocked when cosplay diva Kipi was in town for STGCC 2011. *click click click* @@

Day 2 – Homura

“I promise.”
“I’ll definitely save you.”
“No matter how many times I have to repeat all of this, I’ll protect you!”

~ Akemi Homura, Episode 10.


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1 Response to STGCC 2011 Kipi Homura Cosplay

  1. Hello from Japan,
    I found you through the article of yours about “Gundam Kyrios Girl”.

    How was Kipi-chang?
    Looks like it’s been finally showed signs of “rekka” from her pics…><
    I'm not a huge fan of cos-players. Just, a friend of mine lived(still lives) near around a cosplay-cafe Kipi-chang worked for.

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