Hong Kong Bruce Lee Statue

This the one of the main reasons I am coming to Hong Kong. To see Bruce Lee.

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10 Responses to Hong Kong Bruce Lee Statue

  1. Siu Lap Api says:

    I am Siu Lap Api…Happy to see you here…what feeling you are of HK people and the trip…is that nice or so large crowd and heavy traffic problem or the air pollution…HK people want to know how place we live from your eye…

    • HK people are great. Other than Cantonese, they can speak English and Chinese as well. No language barrier there for me. Places are crowded but still ok. Traffic is heavy, public transport is efficient from my experience. Not about air pollution as it rains most of the days I am there. But I do see electronic board at train stations showing the air pollution level, within acceptable range. Will love to visit again next year if there is a chance. =)

  2. LJ Artuz says:

    Wow that is so awesome, more reason to go to HK to see it for real!!

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  9. Shifu Lee…
    Give us a light and guide us through this….

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