Hong Kong Big Buddha

Today, or rather yesterday, we go see the 天壇大佛 Tian Tan Buddha in Ngong Ping in westen Hong Kong.

2. Breakfast. Ham burger that is made with actual ham aka pork.

3. Taking the cable car, which is the fastest mode of transport.

4.  Our destination is high up in the mountains

5. Very high desu.

6. Among the clouds.

7. And here we are finally. Ngong Ping 360.

8. Have to walk a bit more.

9. And up the steps.

10. Lots of people desu.

11. And here we are at last.

12. Made entirely of bronze, completed in 1993 and an impressive 34 metre tall.

13. Tau hua made with mountain spring water.

14. Replenish lost mana.

15. And last but not least, we visited Dollfie World as well. ^^

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8 Responses to Hong Kong Big Buddha

  1. 2. Krauser-sama!!!!

    Lucky Duck to be able to go to Dollfie world, whats the store like?

  2. coffeebugg says:

    Boo~ Didn’t get to ride Cable Car to Ngong Ping. Next time!

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