Eraser Wars

Saw this box of Erasers of random country flags today and it reminded me dearly of my childhood.

Back in the days, one of the more popular pass time in school is playing with erasers. It’s highly affordable, 10 cents a piece from the school book shop. I believe most of the locals will probably played this before, but for the uninitialized, this is how it is played. With your fingers, usually your thumb, you and your opponent will take turns flipping the eraser until either one landed on top of the another. The winner gets to keep the eraser. It’s that simple yet incredibly fun! On top of that, we learn how each country’s flag looks like as well. ^^;

Is that anyone who is interested to get a box of erasers? S$3.20 with 48 erasers in a box. All are random so we can trade as well. =D


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19 Responses to Eraser Wars

  1. Zh3uS says:

    My time was Country Eraser BeyBlade.

  2. abao says:

    u still playing with the erasers?!

  3. Okazaki-san says:

    Ah,good times.I remember starting out with just flipping them over each other.Then we did the same as Zh3uS,just that thumbtacks were replaced by staples.

    • zhukeeper says:

      I started out with the staples! I think the generation after me don’t play with erasers anymore o.O

  4. Navin says:

    Hey there, I was wondering where you got that box from? I can’t seem to find these types of erasers anywhere. I have some rare ones which I would be keen to trade for others you have 🙂

  5. Actar says:

    Oh my god, talk about nostalgia! These were all the rage back when I was in Primary School, though that’s not the whole truth. You see, erasers were the big thing, but they were Pokemon erasers. No kidding.

    I have no idea if they were bootlegged or not ,they most likely were, but instead of a flag, it would have a picture of a Pokemon and their name beneath it. That really made the collecting value of these erasers go through the roof with me and my schoolmates. I do believe one of the rarer ones was Electabuzz…

    Every recess, every break and even during class we would be battling them out with the goal of flipping them on top of each other.It got so bad that at one point, they actually banned the bookshop from selling them. Damn, that was a downer.

    If I’m not mistaken, I still have one giant box somewhere containing about 100 of them. They are still 100% pristine and unused.

    Ah, good times, good times. Sad that with the advent of technology and portable gaming that kids today won’t be able to experience the awesome stuff that we did back in the day…

    Damn, I sound old…

  6. jac says:

    are you selling these erasers?

  7. citra ismira says:

    r u sell these erasers?

  8. Kyle says:


    still selling those pokemon erasers? lol!

  9. kasyful says:

    in which the selling at brunei

  10. Javier Chua says:

    Hey , Reply ASAP can ?? I in singapore . I in P6 and wanna start playing it again , do u noe where i can buy it ???

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