SDN48 Singapore Concert

12 members of SDN48, (short for Saturday Night 48), were in Singapore last week for their first overseas concert. The Japanese idol girl group, created and produced by Yasushi Akimoto, is a sister group to the massively successful AKB48 (currently Japan’s most popular idol group sensation).

Famous for their concept of being “idols you can meet”, the girls posed for photos at the Merlion Park before heading to Orchard to personally hand out flyers of their concert and to sell their concert tickets to the public on the streets.

Photos courtesy of AKS/AKB48 Singapore.

I think the kid is too young to go for a SDN48 concert. ^^;

Among the 12 girls who came to town, I think I like Kondo Sayaka the most. She speaks fluent English. ^^;

Have been a long time since I attended a concert. The last concert I have been to was  for the S.H.E/动力火车 (Power Station) 8 years ago. Frankly speaking I enjoyed myself at the SDN48 concert. All the girls are very nice and approachable. And they are not afraid to speak in their less than perfect English on stage. ^^; And the fans are real sporting as well, singing together and cheering to their songs.

All in all, looking forward to their next performance. kudos to everyone involved in this project. Check out their song below.


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  1. TinyRedMan says:

    Sayaka spoke perfect English becos she used to live in USA when she was young and returned to Japan for uni (??) And many akb fans noted that sdn concert was way better than the 3 akb concerts combined. oTL… why did I not go…. oTL.

    Is u gotten the garter that they remove from their thigh and threw out? Heard that it had nice perfume.. =/

  2. TinyRedMan says:

    Btw: poor kiddo became a meal for the girls.. yummy.. щ(゚д゚щ)

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