May’n Unite Singapore Concert

Galactic fairy, May’n was in Singapore last Saturday (4 June 2011) evening for her Unite! Asia Tour 2011, at *SCAPE Warehouse. Singapore is the last stop for this regional tour, which saw sell-out performances in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Seoul, Taipei and Hong Kong. While May’n has performed in Singapore previously, the Unite! Asia Tour is her first solo concert here.

Originally from Nagoya, Japan, May’n is 21 years old this year. Her stage name is derived from her real name, and also, reflects a heartfelt wish to sing for the people the ‘main’ theme song.

In 2008, she was chosen to be the singing voice of Sheryl Nome, the Galaxy Songstress from the hit anime “Macross Frontier.” In the same year, two of her singles made it to the top 3 of the Oricon charts and this brought her into the limelight. On January 21st, she released a long-awaited mini album, May’n☆Street, and this repeated the success of the previous year, with a no. 2 spot on the Oricon Weekly Chart. All of her subsequent releases have repeated those successes on the Oricon charts.

It has always been her dream to sing for people live, both in Japan and outside of Japan. In January 2010, she performed to a sell-out crowd in the Nippon Budokan, with tickets selling out on the day of their release. She held her first solo concert tour of Asia in March 201 0, performing in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She began a tour of Japan, SUMMER TOUR 2010 “Phonic Nation side-A/B”, on July 30th, performing at 17 locations. Her powerful voice and tone have charmed all those who have listened to her songs.

May’n has become a true “Female Rock Vocalist of the New Generation”. In 2010, her song was chosen to be the theme song to the blockbuster movie “INCITE MILL”. In February 2011, her 3D documentary film “May’n THE MOVIE – Phonic Nation“, filled with her musical message, was released in theatres all over Japan. Her second concert in the Nippon Budo kan was on March 6th 2011. She performs in six cities, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Singapore for her second Asia Tour, -UNITE-, in May 2011.

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