Sasara Meishi

Sasara-chan have her own meishi now.

Meishi (名刺) also known as business card or name card in Singapore, is an important item to have for business meetings in Japan and also most part of Asia. In recent years, a meishi is not just limited to professionals in a company, it have also extended to hobbyists, cosplayers (known as cos cards) and just about everybody.

It’s interesting to note the various ethics and manners involved in presenting yours and accepting others’ meishi and how you keep them depending on the other party’s rank and status which you can read about here. Thankfully these examples only apply to the Japaneses. Over here, not much rules regarding the exchange of meishi but it is common courtesy to accept a meishi when you are presented one. There was one time, a fellow rejected my meishi which I find to be very rule. I hate him and I do not want to ever see him again.

Anyway price of getting meishi printed over here is pretty affordable. I got 200 cards for only S$24. That’s about USD$19.50. And fast. Got it in 5 days. There are many sites online that offer free meishi printing, which you can easily google and find.

So the next time you see Sasara-chan (or me ^^ ), please feel free to ask for a meishi.


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20 Responses to Sasara Meishi

  1. Sasara-chan says:

    Hey niinii, how come my meishi is have your name on it? ._.?

  2. Akiyo Jiro says:

    Sure. Will get a meishi from you once we meet :3
    Just remember to bring some along when you are out.

  3. Altsune says:

    I’d like one 😀

  4. Danny Choo says:

    Also, your girls got much nicer clothes than my girls. How come la?

    • The pink one Sasara-chan is wearing now? It’s from Volks but bought it off yahoo Auction. Couldn’t get it off Volks’ web when it was supposedly to go on sale. Sold out even before the designated time. O_O

      Hard to find clothes for Sasara-chan due to her DDdy bust. ><

  5. phossil says:

    I try hard but my eyes deviates a little bit in the first pic. 😉
    Cool meishi Sasara-chan.

  6. Nice meishi Sasara-chan, tousan is working on getting one printed for me as well~

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