Singapore Free Comic Book Day

Last Saturday May 7 was an important day. Apart from been the election polling day, it’s also Free Comic Book Day in Singapore!

What is Free Comic Book Day? As the name implies, free comic books are given out on that day at participating comic book retailers. In case you got too excited, doesn’t mean you get to take any comic. Participating outlets will have a selection of free comic books to give away. Usually a few comic titles will be specially created for this day. So now you know so please don’t go into any comic book stores and take whatever you want. If you do that, you will probably be handed over to the police.

Kinokuniya Orchard is taking part in this event for the first time this year and have invited the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison to grace the event, make it more happening!

And I was very delighted to spot Singapore blogosphere’s the one and only Mr Brown among the crowd! I bet he’s there too for the free comic.

Hi Mr Brown! thanks for taking a picture with me, the trooper in the photo.

Btw if anyone missed this, Free Comic Book Day is over. Come back again next year for more free comic books!


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  1. Alafista says:

    Woahh I love mr brown. So heng u can get o meet him

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