What is this?

Make a guess what this is?


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17 Responses to What is this?

  1. agito says:

    tv station colour testing screen…also test sharpness and frequency.

  2. Tiny Red Man says:


  3. OngYT says:

    No Signal Starhub

  4. OngYT says:

    Wait, it’s to test the color and sharpness of every channel.

  5. dai1313 says:

    This is clearly an artistic post modern rendering of a chicken noodle soup cooking on the stove.

  6. Hexlord says:

    I haven’t seen this in ages, ever since they have 24 hour broadcasting etc…

  7. Q says:

    TVB (Hong Kong) still uses this version of test card. Some channels apparently use music rather than a single tone, but I don’t really take notice of them.

  8. Jay Agan says:

    1. A test pattern for coordination of color res in TV or computer crt. Did a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! come with this?

    2. A ritual Hopi indian blanket pattern.

    3. My moms’ tablecloth.

    4. All of the above.

    5. None of the above.

  9. Itachi says:

    Hi there…I’m guessing this would be the kind related to TV. When the TV station ends all the show, usually midnight or at early morning, this screen will appear. Or maybe, there are some interference or some technical problem happens… I’ve this sometimes at Tv in my place. >.<

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