Dollfie Blood Donation

Give blood give life.  Blood packs are for sale.

Arayden’s Sasara. She’s so cute! ^^;

Very nice and detailed blood pack which are just the right size for Dollfie.

Comes in 4 favours, O, AB, A and B. It’s very authentic, the packs contain real blood! @.@!

If anyone is interested to get a blood pack or a few, I guess I can help to buy and ship them to you. If your daughter’s blood type is not among the 4 types above, I’m sorry but that’s all I have. ^^;

1 blood pack = USD$10
2 blood packs = USD$19
3 blood packs = USD$27
4 blood packs = USD$34
>5 blood packs = USD$8 x quantity you want.

All prices include cost of envelope, shipping and handling to any where in the galaxy.

Please leave a comment with your e-mail and I’ll get in touch with you.

Lastly I hope this keychain can motivate everyone to actively donate blood. Remember, your blood is replaceable but a life is not.

Thanks Alvin for taking the first group pic. Check out his DD blog.


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6 Responses to Dollfie Blood Donation

  1. dmario84 says:

    Are you serious?? Real blood? OMG!

    The dolls look cute as always though.. Cute for a cause. LOL

  2. AK says:

    Haha Gordon. If the packs truly contain real blood, they won’t be keeping their blood-red (pun intended) colour for long.

  3. KiD says:

    Real blood? that sounds un-hygenic/dangerous. Otherwise very cool I wish i new my type so I could match it to hers

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