Mashiro Mito Dollfie Dream

Today Maro maro-chan is undergoing some modification.

2. Maro maro-chan’s ears have always been something I wanted to change. First of all, her ears are attached onto a strap which one have to tie over her head. Not only is this somehow challenging to put to. It is also unsightly seeing the visible headband. Cos we all know Maro maro’s ears are a part of her hair.

3. This is the head band with the ears. It easily fall off the head as well so if one bring her outside for walk or photoshoot, there is a fear of it falling off and blown away without realising it.

4. So today we are doing to attempt some modification work.

5. This is one of the strongest glue I have that doesn’t smell or in yellow colour.

6. Attach the magnet to the base of the ears.

7. Attach the magnets to the scalp of the wig. Got to make sure it’s opposite ends to the ones we did above.

8. And we are done! It’s that’s simple. Now’s it’s also easier to attach her ribbon with bells onto her left ear as well.

9. Bye bye now.


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9 Responses to Mashiro Mito Dollfie Dream

  1. Chun says:

    Nice mod!! Good job ^^ now she can henshin very quickly lol

    • Still thinking of a way to make the ear appear more naturally blend in with the hair, as though they are one whole piece instead of currently look like 2buns. ^^;

      • chun says:

        maybe brush a tiny bit of the sides of each ear to be closer to her hair instead of upwards to tip of the ears?

  2. yunamon says:

    Whoa~! Maybe I can adopt this mod onto my Tamamo as well! GJ!

  3. himebel says:

    Grats Nii-Chan. You finally did it! 😀

  4. yamada25 says:

    Ooh that’s really nice!

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