Dragon Ball Cards

When I was a kid in the 90s, Dragon Ball cards are the craze.

About 2 decades ago, Dragon Ball Z is really popular, all the lads in school will read the manga. With it’s popularity the collectible cards are equally popular as well, since the drawing on the cards are based on the manga

There are many versions of the cards, the one that most of the lads and me collected are call PP cards, and the different series are classified by “Part XX”. The ones sold in Singapore are part 13 to 20 if I am not wrong.

Before cards are sold in vending machines, they are sold in packets. 1 card in a paper packet which you cannot see the inside. Many such packets are stringed together and sold at shops. 1 packet cost about $0.40 and out of the bunch of packets, you get to choose which packet you want. If you are lucky, you will get a gold card out of majority which are normal plain cards.

Gold cards usually have very high power rating. Super rare cards can go above 9000!

The different series have different colurs bar at the bottom of card.

Back then most of our lunch money will go into buy the cards.

Trading and selling of cards were popular in school too. some of us would spent as much as $2 to $5 to buy a gold card from one another. Back then $2 is considered a lot of money already!

I think the PP cards series stopped after part 20. After that comes the vending machine era and many many different type of Dragon Ball cards with many different designs. Unfortunately the new cards didn’t managed to catch on like the PP cards. Partly because there are just too many cards out there to collect unlike before there was only 1 type of cards to collect, the PP cards.

Unfortunately I cant seem to find my Dragon Ball cards anymore. 😦


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10 Responses to Dragon Ball Cards

  1. Iwa says:

    Brings back memories.
    Spent a lot of pocket money on Street Fighter xards…..

  2. phossil says:

    Im a bad collector. Did you at some point completed the card collection?

  3. Tom says:

    Man, I remember when Yu-Gi-Oh was all the rage back then lol XD

  4. Kibo says:

    That sucks PP stopped at part 20 in Singapore. I think in Hong Kong it went as far as 24 when I left there in 1995. But the whole series might have continued until the end at 32 for Hong Kong.

  5. LEon says:

    Gordon is this your cards? I still have a few stacks of Dragonball cards with me today. I remember the card came from this Bandai card Machine.

  6. Carlos Leon says:

    Best show ever, I will always be a fan of Dragon Ball. I hope they revive the show. 😉

  7. Furry Nekomimi says:

    Woohhhhh I still have these cards. They are ALL gold cards and like you said, i spent most of my lunch money on them.

  8. today i found my card when i clean up my room….haha it have been 15 year….

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