Women’s Day

Today 8th March is known as International Women’s Day. What started out as a political movement by women in the last century to promote equality, has in modern times evolved to a day for men to show love and appreciation for the fair ladies.

Ironically, March 8 in Chinese is written as 三八, numeral digit for 3 and 8, happens to be a Chinese slang to describe women who are rowdy, behave inappropriately or say things that are disgraceful and embarrassing. Variations of 三八 includes 死三八, 臭三八,三八婆 which basically means the same thing. It is a negative phrase to address a woman so it is strongly recommended to avoid using it on your female boss. Though many times, friends use 三八 to tease their female friends.

There are various stories as to the origin of the phrase and it could be mere coincidence it shares uncanny similarities with Women’s Day. ^^;

Lastly, had a hard time choosing which pic to post for this topic so decided to use the lovely Erika Toda. She’s a fine beautiful young woman in my book so she deserves to be appreciated. ^^;


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25 Responses to Women’s Day

  1. To show your respect for women, please do as they say when they tell you to “Shut up and sit down!” ^^;

  2. Persocom says:

    interesting about the Chinese meaning behind March 8th colliding with this particular day. Erika Toda indeed looks fine, good choice of pictures ^^

  3. Ya. I learnt my lesson when I said, “Show me your pantsu” to a girl on the streets previously. =(

  4. Alafista says:

    Why is there no international men’s day?

  5. abao says:

    lawl… erika toda day eh?

  6. Tsun-chan says:

    International Women Day.. this is honestly this first I’ve ever ever heard of it.

    Must not be an american thing ^_^

    Well, sadly.. I’ve never seen a holiday work exactly as it was intended.. glad to see this one isn’t any different.

    And Gordon, the reason you got smacked is.. She had the hots for ya ^_^

  7. Blowfish says:

    And its my brothers birthday.Poor Guy XD

  8. dice says:

    i didn’t get any flowers that day!

  9. Hangmen says:

    First time I heard of such things. Too bad I missed it. I would’ve made a nice gallery post for it.

  10. Raven says:

    Feminism and Feminist will one day undo themselves!!!

  11. AK says:

    Prefer 4D. Mine is Q3306.

  12. JeForceX says:

    LOL.. 4D?
    Were you referring to the lottery or some kind of 4D Girl technology? ^^;

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