Singapore Mee Pok

Meido Sasara wants to serve you a local dish. Mee Pok.

You would probably have seen before fake plastic food on display outside Japanese restaurants which look extremely life like.

Today not only have I found a plastic food of a local dish and best of all, it’s DD size! @.@!

Mee pok is a kind of Chinese noodle that is flat and usually served tossed in ketchup or black soy sauce. There are typically 2 types of mee pok, namely fish ball/meat ball mee pok and mushroom minced meat mee pok with vegetables added in for both dishes. Can choose to have it with chilli or not, if you do not want it too spicy.

This is how the real dish looks like. Pic from Wikipedia.

Even the bowl is based on authentic porcelain bowl in the old days, with a chicken drawn on it. Hard to find these kind of bowl today. Most mee pok are served in plastic bowl nowadays.

The mini wooden chopstick is very well made as well.


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10 Responses to Singapore Mee Pok

  1. Kotobuki Aoi says:

    Sasara-chan! you is feed me?

  2. OngYT says:

    Itadakimasu! Oh nom nom nom ^o^

  3. That looks really really good. A little like Pad Thai which is a Thai dish very common in LA. There is another Thai dish called Mee Grop which is fried rice noodles tossed in a sweet sauce and topped with various meats and veggies…it’s kind of sticky sweet and cloying though.

  4. Hmm, quality looks like Madam Lim’s. She once also made 1/6th scale foods for PureNeemo daughters and 1/6th scale fashion dolls, but her eyesight hasn’t gotten better in recent months. On the bright side, she’s also moved out of her tiny nook at Sunshine Plaza and into 313 Somerset finally. 😀

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