A Day in Malaysia

Went on a short trip to Malaysia yesterday.

2. A very big mall in Buikit Indah.

3. All retail stores in the mall is having a no plastic bag day every Saturday which happens to be the day I visited. Which is fine as I totally supports it. I wish Singapore will actively practice this as well.

4. At a video store. Was quite surprise that an anime DVD such as the one above cost only RM12.90, less than S$6. In fact even a full season of 12 -24 episodes TV anime also cost the same price. While relatively new  movie DVDs cost from RM29.90 to as high as RM69.90. Not sure how come movies can differ from such a huge range? Maybe different distributor different pricing?

Most importantly, was taken aback the anime DVDs in Malaysia cost cheaper than movies. Isn’t it always the case anime cost an arm and leg? That is why anime isn’t sold in Singapore anymore. No one in his right mind will spend good money on a DVD with only a few anime episodes.

5. Fate Stay Night poker cards. Not sure are they licensed as it only cost a few RM dollars.

6. A leaning Renji figure with bending sword for 129.80. Anyone interested?



9. Dragonball and Naruto manga for only RM3. only about S$1+. I miss the days where we can enjoy cheap manga. Singapore just rise it’s manga price to S$6.50 per book which is ridiculous. They will never get any business from me again.

10. Daiso in Malsysia is green colour? It’s red colour in Singapore.

11. Love this standee. Is it RM5 as well?

Note the no photography sign on it? I took a couple of photos in other shops and nobody stops me. Malaysia seems to be more relaxed in the taking pics in shops rule as compared to Japan and Singapore. Once, I even got shouted at when taking pics at a shop in my neighbourhood.

In Singapore, if you want to take a pic inside a shop, do it discretely. No point asking whether you can take a pic as the store clerk will most probably say NO. When you ask them what’s the reason behind no photography, they can’t answer you anyway. Probably they want just want to stay out of unnecessary trouble should anything happens or they afraid you post bad things of them online?

12. Bought this pack of DD size snack erasers at Daiso.

13. The bus that we to took across Singapore/Malaysia’s borders.  The driving skill of the Malay bus driver’s who drove us home is awesome, he drive fast and smooth. Unlike the often stop and halt suddenly bumpy rides of Singapore public buses.

14. Chewing gums. Must get everything I visit. Seems like now they have new green tea favour. Nice!


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20 Responses to A Day in Malaysia

  1. OngYT says:

    Wah! Can lend me the F/SN Movie?

  2. Ex14 says:

    Actually there are places to get these dirt cheap anime in sg as well…. well probably not THAT cheap but yea ^^;; Tampines Giant and the VideoEZY at White Snads have a few… including some very recent ones like 11eyes and so on.

  3. Hitoribocchi says:

    As far as I can report to you, the majority of anime DVDs here were not licensed by the Japanese companies. Most of them are ripoffs from fansubs, & then stapled the “original” stickers from the Customs. There is a market for them (due to the state of broadband networks here – but, plans are underway to lay down fibre-optic cables in select areas in KL -). For me, I just read reviews on Nihon Review & buy deserving anime DVDs from Ani-Play in Singapore.

    Also, manga here. I followed the manga scene here, & I gotta tell you: in my honest belief, the anime scene here is greater & livelier than in Singapore. I think the free-go-air channels here have dedicated slots for anime shows (which lamentably are shounen & dated shows – on the contrary, Singapore has only 1 channel showing 1 anime series on only 1 night per week, & that show has been repeated thrice if I am not wrong).

    Oh well, there are good & bad points on both sides of the Causeway: Malaysia has a ready supply of otaku consumers, & Singapore has a good otaku supplies industry.

  4. KYPMbangi says:

    Yea.. the dvd’s are cheap,
    but you gotta face the bad subs if you watch it.
    Daiso in KL’s Bukit bintang is red, why is it green there?

  5. sbhboi says:

    Animes are cheap ‘coz it sux at subtitles. Believe me on that. ^^”

  6. tueac says:

    The anime are cheap because they are not licensed and the creators get nothing.

    And Singaporeans are too choosy… The best choice i guess for Singapore will only be either cheap US bluray release… or online download…

  7. phossil says:

    We have over here a lot of photo taking restrictions. 😉

  8. Stifler says:

    You do know that those DVDs are totally pirated, don’t you?

    • But it’s sold in a video store in a big mall leh? Like Singapore’s Music Junction like that.

      • Stifler says:

        Just think about how those DVDs got there in a full series even before the Japanese DVDs hit the shelves.

        Also, if you buy them and watch, you might see “Presented by [Insert-Name-Here] Fansubs” there or something.

  9. Hangmen says:

    If you could find Calorie Balance at Daiso, do grab a few of em’. Those things are a lifesaver when you’re in a pinch, though it’s not quite as filling as Calorie Mate.

  10. Felneymike says:

    Manga in Britain is silly-expensive too. Probably because it’s actually American, and probably printed somewhere like China. The American translators want their cut, the Chinese printers want theirs and also the British book shops charge silly money for publishers to “rent” their shelves. It’s killing Britain’s own comic industry. The books are £6.99, but some shops sell them for £7.50.
    Of course the best place to get cheap manga is Japan XD. Second hand ones are usually more like 70p and very common. But you have to understand Japanese!

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