Sasara Cheongsam

Chinese New Year is around the corner and Sasara-chan is dressed for the occasion with her new pink cheongsam!

2. Got this cheongsam from the VOLKS store in Harajuku. Very nice and detailed tailoring.

For the uninitialized, cheongsam is a body hugging one piece dress for oriental women. To me, it’s the perfect display of oriental beauty for Asian ladies. ^^;


4. Sasara-chan joined the rest of the girls for a shoot at the local Japanese style garden. Saber Lily was with us as well.



7. Manaka twins


9. Louise will make a good DD mascot for my blog mascot doncha think? ^^;









Always fun to hang out with the Dollfie gang. Saber Lily have been handed over and is now staying with Saber Alter and Louise’s father.

As always, gladful that Sasara-chan is still around.

OK that’s all for now. Till next time.


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17 Responses to Sasara Cheongsam

  1. Sasara-chan says:

    Niinii, the cheongsam top and bottom feels a little tight. ._.

  2. Chun says:

    The DD girls are the prettiest flowers in the garden ^^

  3. Iwa says:

    Sasara looks very elegant in cheonngsam

  4. nutcase23 says:

    Number 10, the power connector spoils it 8D

    And what happened to inviting me for shoots as well lol.

  5. coffeebugg says:

    My girls are jealous of Sasara’s Cheong-sam.. They are now pestering me to get some for them. T-T

  6. Furry says:

    Does the Volks Cheongsam come with the shoes as well?

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