This blog celebrates it’s 3rd anniversary today.

Over the years, this blog have generated 492 blog posts, over 564,000 hits, 10,380 comments, 22,503 spams and a page rank of 4.

Looking back, lots of things have changed. When I first started out at blogger (blogspot), I would blog everyday with random stuff. Back then I am really into gundam modeling which I don’t have much time for now.

I also loved taking photos of my figures with my digital camera and would post them on the blog. That was until I bought a DSLR which strangely with a better equipment, one doesn’t feel compelled to do figure shoots anymore.

I moved to WordPress during the first year and I’m glad I did. I would also spend hours visiting other blogs and commenting on them.

I then joined the 501st Legion and would post pics of me trooping. Now I coordinate events more than actually trooping.

With the introduction of Facebook/twitter, blogging become less frequent as it’s too time consuming to come with a decent blog post.

Looking at the blog now, the layout is still the same. The banner is still the same, with some modifications now and then. But topics have switched from gundam/figure shoot/trooping to mostly Dollfie stuff now, which quite funnily is something I used to told myself I’ll never get into. Heck, I once told myself I would never set up a blog as well. Such is the work or irony. ^^;

I’ll probably still be here next year and probably the year after as well and so on. Blogging changed my life and I’ll continue to do it even if it means on a less frequent pace.

Special thanks to all those who stood with me these few years. Love you all. See you next year again.


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  1. Aoi-Chan says:

    uh congrats uncle gordon? So what you mean you wouldnt get into dollfies? You are anti-dollfie? And why did I receive an email from a girl claiming to be your new daughter? O_o?

    • That’s why I said irony. 2 years ago when u and your kind was getting popular, I have been resisting it. Yes you all are adorably cute and all but I was put off by the high acquisition and maintenance fee. Resistance was going very well until the eventful day one came into my life.

      Which is good in a way. I cut down on buying figures which frankly speaking are endless. O_O||

  2. OngYT says:

    Happy Anniversary Gordon^^

  3. Hexlord says:

    Hey man, let’s catch up before I move back to KL! 🙂

  4. Q says:

    Congratulations on the milestone!

    Lots of fellow bloggers I know are also moving on from gunpla to figures and later on dolls too. Things go bigger and bigger I suppose, while I stay where I am in the first place ^^; We all have our own ways I suppose, but keeping our passions heated is an important factor. Hope you will continue well with your latest hobby!

  5. The poison have turned into something else. Haha. ^^;

  6. alafista says:

    I wonder if your blog and mine will still be surviving after 10 years down the road? XD

  7. Marianto says:

    Congrats on the milestone! Just keep those updates coming yo 😀

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