Tokyo Day 1

The world under my feet.

2. Just before touchdown


4. Our trusty flight.

5. Taking the train out.

6. Empty train is empty. But get filled up more and more as we gets into central Tokyo.

7. Got off at Asakusa.

8. Very cold desu.

9. Asakusa at night.

10. 1 poster is not enough.

11. AKB48 at 48yen.


13. Leveled up upon reaching here.

14. Finally! But no photography inside bah bah bah…






20. At Gamers.

21. Whole floor dedicated to Nana.

22. Abao will like this.

23. Finally got myself the McDonald Food Straps which are just nice for dollfie. \o/

Ok time for bed. Signing off.


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16 Responses to Tokyo Day 1

  1. OngYT says:

    Uwaa~ Nice pictures^^ wish i could go 😛

  2. awesome! hehe… pedo bear is there?

  3. I love my Lumix LX3. all pics taken with it. Even at night without using flash. \o/

  4. tueac says:

    eh?! you went to Tokyo! Never say… How i miss the trip there…. …


  5. Q says:

    Have you been to Tokyo before? Or is this your first time? How long are you staying there for?

    And wow going to Akihabara on day 1 already – this is surely quite something o_o; You know anyone who can take you around there? I had Tokyo Hunter took me around last time and I got to find out a lot more smaller shops that resell older items, and it can be quite a treasure hunt I gotta say!

  6. coffeebugg says:

    Oooh.. grab me some of them food straps too!! And I am now officially jealous.

  7. chun says:

    Woo have a nice trip! Cool pix ^^ nice get!

  8. Stifler says:

    Ahhh….Memories. I want to go back there.

  9. squee says:

    What’s the foid strap for?

  10. AK says:

    McPork!!! O.O

  11. Iwa says:

    I miss this place. Oh yeah forgot to mention, some train station and places of interest have ink stamping station for you to collect stamp for lols.

  12. jeff says:

    akb48 at 48 yen?!

  13. Rin says:

    Go eat at Matsuya or Yoshinoya, those are great cheap places to eat!!!

  14. Reltair says:

    There’s always a McDonald’s no matter where you go it seems. I hope you have fun in Tokyo!

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