Louis Vuitton

Oh no! How did Sasara-chan get there! O_O||

Better go hide my credit card now. O_O||

Also found this shop call Sasa which sells girlie stuff inside in pink! Shop name rings with Sasara. ^^;

Hmmm where the hell did my credit card went to?


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32 Responses to Louis Vuitton

  1. Sasara-chan says:

    Niinii, your credit card is with me. I is want that dress and heels. ._.

  2. agito666 says:

    bad sasara…bad sasara…

    *take out whip and candle….

  3. tueac says:

    Way to do, girls grow up fast…

  4. KWSW says:

    Fwah LV sia… good taste =D

  5. OngYT says:

    Nice to see that Sasara Chan has class ^^

  6. Mari-chan says:

    Gucci too expensive so downgrade to LV? But Sasara-chan should support local brands like Giordano or Hang Ten.

  7. squee says:

    I think sasara will look better in baby the stars shine bright

  8. Kuujiryo says:

    You could use the shoe as a boat in case of a flood :3

  9. sasara-chan is got exquisite taste to fashion!

  10. blacklash90 says:

    I needs to bring Sasara-chan to Lowê =xxxx

  11. phossil says:

    Is black dress Sasara-chan one of her favorites? 😉

  12. Sasara-chan says:

    really? =(

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