AFA X Day 0

12 November 2010. AFA X Day 0 Media Preview. Here’s a rundown of most of the artistes performing this weekend at Anime Festival Asia 2010.

AK 47, I mean AKB48, minus 32.

JAM Project

Ichirou Mizuki. Z!


SCANDAL. Spelled in uppercase for the initialized

angela. Spelled in lower case for the initialized.

Alodia, Aira and Kaname


See you all tomorrow. Do say Hi to me and get a free exclusive trading card. ^^;


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12 Responses to AFA X Day 0

  1. marvinryan says:

    hmm… Ninja-san seem tall. ^^

  2. Marianto says:

    This serves as a great prelude for tomorrow! Hope to catch you there dude! 😀

  3. Tiny Red Man says:

    Ninja Choo looks busy today.

    Otsukare sama!!

  4. dmario84 says:

    Hope to see you there too! Though I dunno how you look like. LOL! XD

  5. Stifler says:

    Heard from Aoi’s father that you were there earlier. Guess I just missed you there.

    See you tomorrow!

  6. phossil says:

    I would like to meet in person Sasara-chan and say Hi to her 😉

  7. Sasara-chan says:

    Papa! Will be lonely without u there. ><

  8. pikunikku says:

    gordonator san, are u one of the media?? btw, nice scandal shot. :]

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