Atarashii Imouto

Sasara now have a imouto Haruka-chan to keep her company. Special thanks to Arayden otousan. Enjoy your trip. The girls will write you a postcard. ^^;


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12 Responses to Atarashii Imouto

  1. Sasara-chan says:

    Niinii! Haruka-chan reminds me of Maryan-senpai ya? :3c

  2. nanopulp says:

    :3 What’s the first thing you gonna let them do, papa-san?

  3. yamada says:

    Oo! good for you Sasara.

  4. multiseven says:

    lovely sasara ^_^

  5. yunamon says:

    Watch those fingers, Haruka-chan! XDc

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