TK-0.5 The World Traveling Trooper

Who is TK0.5?

TK0.5 at the International terminal at O’Hare Airport in Chicago 2006

TK0.5’s last adventure, at the icy cold Finse in Norway when the Battle of Hoth was shot in The Empire Strikes Back.


So during the weekend I took him to see the national tourism icon, the Merlion.

The Esplanade.

That is the statue of the founder of Modern Singapore, Sir Stanford Raffles.

Reading the brief history of Singapore.

Statues of what the same place this pic is taken is like in the early 19th century. A English merchant doing business with a Chinese businessman while 2 coolies weighs the bag of rice.

The UOB Plaza, tallest building in Singapore.

At the Marina Bay Sands’ SkyPark.

In Sentosa

Ok that’s all for now. Till next time, will be taking the little trooper for more sightseeing around Singapore, food and of course the girls as well. ^^;


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9 Responses to TK-0.5 The World Traveling Trooper

  1. Stifler says:

    That’s one cool trooper.

    Be sure to keep your light-butterknife with you at all times, Sasara-chan!

  2. Reltair says:

    Traveling is one of the best experiences one can have. ^^;

  3. Sarimin says:

    wkwkwkw… 🙂 have fun…

  4. Sasara-chan says:

    I will papa. *hugs* Can he sleep in my room? ._.

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