Nanasaki Ai

So to a Japanese girl, lifting up her skirt to show she is wearing a mizugi inside is consider alright while showing pantsu is not? Doesn’t a mizugi and pantsu shows the same amount of flesh?


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  1. i got to solve them all. :3c

  2. yamada25 says:

    I also curious about this ^^; is it the same thing as looking at pantsu.

  3. Sasara-chan says:

    ero-niinii. ._.

  4. misterowl24 says:

    Shhh! Don’t complain. Just stare and drools. XD *jiiiiiiiiiiiiii*

  5. nutcase23 says:

    Isn’t that the same question as bras and bikinis?

    They show the same amount of flesh yet one is apparently not meant to be seen by others =/

  6. I’m not complaining =3

  7. coffeebugg says:

    Never bothered myself with the answers to those questions otherwise you might end up just getting disappointed, like asking what is the meaning of life then get the reply ’42’.

  8. welsper84 says:

    Not really same amt of flesh, the panties have a “cut-off” after a certain length upwards, while the school mizugi basically covers the whole torso

  9. Psycho says:

    I remembering there is some dialog in Railgun ep 4, when Harumi asked similiar question. Swimsuit is fine, but pantsu is no-no.
    What is the different, your leg still exposed anyway.

  10. Nanasakifan says:

    It’s a weird idea in the head of some girls. Swimsuits are fine because it’s something you wear outdoors like the beach so it’s okay if people see it. Underwear on the other hand is different, they only want to show that to the someone they want to show it to.

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