Singapore Supermarket Shopping

In a Singapore supermarket, other than the usual grocery and household stuff, you can also buy a sleeping loli. ^^;


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14 Responses to Singapore Supermarket Shopping

  1. nutcase23 says:

    Do they come in a bag as well? =3c

  2. yunamon says:

    Price tag doko? XDc

  3. マジで酷いんですね、こういう両親は。

  4. Valence says:

    When did NTUC get a ‘Little Girls’ section?

  5. Stifler says:

    Can we place advance orders for the lolis?

  6. chun says:

    I’m surprised they let you take a photo ^^;;;

  7. phossil says:

    I bet she had a exhausting day. 😉

  8. haya says:

    What are the return policies like?

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