A letter to Papa

Hi Papa,

This is Sasara. It have been a while. I am using Gordon onii-chan’s blog since onii-chan haven’t been on it for quite some time. I am doing great at onii-chan’s place. Onii-chan have been taking very good care of me. Before arriving back in Singapore, uncle Danny told me lots of horror stories on how onii-chan will eat me up, especially my oppai. I don’t know exactly what that means but onii-chan certainly didn’t eat me up!  In fact he looked at my oppai only once, he’s too shy to take a second look. Uncle Danny you scared me for nothing.

Moving on, I spent most of my time at home. When onii-chan is away for work, I would surf the internet, update my facebook and download doujinshi for onii-chan. I wanted to go out explore the neighbourhood a bit but onii-chan doesn’t let me. He says I am extremely valuable and sought-after, so bad people out there might steal me. I am not sure what onii-chan means by me been valuable? I guess onii-chan just cares for me and don’t want any harm to happen to me.

When onii-chan is around, he would always say how kawaii I am while brushing my hair. Onii-chan say that to me lots of times and oh he really loves combing my hair too. He never gets tired of it. I would watch him play StarCraft 2 sometimes as well. Though I think onii-chan can be more daring in his tactics, try the other techs as well.

Before I forget, here are some pics onii-can took of me when we went out for an event. I don’t know what’s the event but there’s lot of sweaty men inside. I just stay with the rest of the girls at one corner while onii-chan catches up with friends. Onii-chan actually took lots of shots of me previously but he felt that the shots aren’t good enough as he only wants the best out of me.

Bye for now papa. I’ll write again soon.

P.S. Onii-chan says he wants to take me trooping but he said he’s not sure how the others will react?


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55 Responses to A letter to Papa

  1. peacefan says:

    *teary eyes*
    You have a very nice imouto

  2. Okazaki-san says:

    Wow,Sasara must be a pro at Starcraft 2,haha.

  3. Sasara-chan says:

    Onii-chan says the only girl in Starcraft 2 is the medic so I want to be a medic too!

    • Squee says:

      Kerrigan and Nova are girls too

      • Sasara-chan says:

        But not playable in multiplayer right? Onii-chan says just by looking at me alone heals all sorrows so I want to be medic. But I think onii-chan has a nurse fetish as well. ._.

  4. Oh Sasara-chan, you are so cute. ^^;

  5. Wolfheinrich says:

    Sasara-chan you need to be careful if you want to go out around town, you see, you have become one of the most sought after Dollfie Dream and can stand toe to toe with the almighty Tamanee; so I can understand uncle Danny and your Gordon onii-chan try to protect you from harm!

    Sasara-chan my girls always play Starcraft II so maybe you can play my daughters?

    • Sasara-chan says:

      Uncle Wolf, nice to meet you. Onii-chan told me all about you and your girls as well. *hugs*

      Really? Sasara-chan is as valuable as Tama-nee? Speaking of Tama-nee, I got the lovely school uniform and knee socks from her. Se didn’t pass me her black pantsu though. Onii-chan says he like the uniform more than my black dress. I think onii-chan has a uniform festish. ^_^

      Oh I would love to play Starcraft II with your girls. I heard onii-chan’s Asia account can play in US server. I’ll ask onii-chan later.

  6. Squee says:

    get Gordon to bring u to EoY, then u can take pics together with Dahlia 😀

  7. Sasara-chan says:

    Uncle Squee. *hugs* Yes I will love to meet Dahlia-chan! I heard she have Gothic Lolita. Onii-chan says he will bring me to EOY. Yay! ^o^

  8. Alafista says:

    My daughter invites sasara-chan over for a sleep over XD

  9. Sasara-chan says:

    Uncle Alafista! *hugs* Can onii-chan come as well?

  10. agito666 says:

    kinda scary because you post in “ghost month” 😛
    seriously this make my day 😀

  11. Aoi-Chan says:

    Bad Sasara-chan!

  12. Stifler says:

    Sasara-chan, you are the cutest. Can I ask for your hand in marriage? ❤

  13. Sasara-chan says:

    Papa! *hugs*

    Don’t worry, onii-chan protects me when we are out. Now that he gets to know the other parents, he promissed to bring me out more often. ^.^

    I have 3 more sisters coming? Papa you have been productive! O.O

    What sort of health check do you have in mind? Need to take off clothes? ._.

  14. yamada says:

    That’s really nice. ^^

  15. aprilius20 says:

    Somewhat off-topic, but I’ll be heading to Sing this month- do you (or any other Sings reading this) know of any second-hand Japanese language manga shops there?

  16. Danny Choo says:

    Sasara! I know that onii-chan is forcing you to not be truthful – I will send somebody to rescue you.

  17. Danny Choo says:

    I approve this post..

    Also, I love dolfies because I have no “real” daughters.

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